The Portlaoise Queen

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In the year of the sun – shine, the year ’54,
We said that we’d cross o’er the sea,
A bunch of the boys, we were natives of the town,
Were going on a voyage you see.
We’d a grand little boat
And when ready to float,
She was the nicest that e’r was seen.
Then Odlum Deegan waved his hand
And the Brass and Reed Band
Played us to the Portlaoise Queen.

We had big Jack Dunne, who arose with the sun
And Jim Aird from the Central Hotel,
With lively Larry Ging, like a bird on the wing
And Jack Grant, as sound as a bell.
We had Lalor from the bridge
And Bob Delaney from the Ridge,
Charlie Porter, he came from the Green,
And for fearless Attie Nume we did make room
On the crew of the Portlaoise Queen.

Tommy Higgins he supplied all clothing for the trip,
Bill Campion gave us ten barrels of stout,
Mick Whelan, he threw in, a few ould bullocks legs,
And some rabbits, with the mixo the bollox,
And as for Jimmy Brown,
He didn’t let us down,
He gave us apples and oranges, nice and clean.
Then Billy Dunne was the man,
With his noble horse and cart,
That brought them to the Portlaoise Queen.

We were nine days at sea and between you and me,
They weren’t pullin’ too well.
Then Delaney got drunk and said Lalor was a skunk
And sure it started holy hell
They were fighting for a week,
’till the boat took to leak.
But Ging was the man so keen,
Steering back through the tide,
He saved all the lives,
Of the crew of the Portlaoise Queen.

Now I’m back home again, with those courageous men.
That braved the mountain tides with foaming cream.
Just to keep your mind from troublin’
Our little not’s in Dublin
In a place called the National Museum.
So my advice to you, is never venture on the blue,
You might never more be seen
As it wasn’t skill or care,
But someone’s faithful prayer,
That saved us on the Portlaoise Queen

– Christy Conroy

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