Tom Flynn Pays Tribute to the Men of 66

Once more I’ll raise my voice to praise
Portlaoise’s football men,
Who brought the senior title to the
County town again,
With football skill and fearless,
they won in sixty four,
And now, in nineteen sixty-six the Cup is here once more.
Now, here’s to you,
our captain true Jim Hughes long be your day,
You gave allegiance to your town,
To a “goalie” sound,
let’s drink a round – P Bracken is his name,
A native of Portlaoise he’s of
Laois and Leinster fame.
A great display on final-day,
by “Alfie” Lewis, full back,
With brother “Syd”
he soon got rid of many a bold attack.
And on that line, a sportsman fine
Mick Murphy on the right,
Gave such a grand performance that we cheered
with wild delight.
Let’s drink again to three great men,
on the half line of defence,
Tom Walsh whose skill gave us a thrill,
in situation tense,
“Syd” Harkin and Ted Fennelly brave-true
sportsmen to the core,
A noble twain, who helped gain the Crown
in sixty-four.
Your glasses clink lets drink to
Mick McDonald bold,
Who, time and oft, caught balls aloft,
recalling days of old.
To Paddy Doyle, a player with style
and “Red” Paschal by his side,
One of the famed Delaney clan that’s known both
far and wide.
The youngest man of this great clan-there’s few
I do declare,
For speed and skill, say what you will,
who can with Brian compare.
Oh/ What a goal, John Fennell scored.
“tis one I’ll ne’er forget”,
While running quick, a sudden flick,
and the ball sped to the net.
A forward fast, game to the last,-
a goal and two he made,
So take a bow, Tom Reilly, now,
for the noble part you played.
We must applaud young Noel McCabe,
spearheading the attack,
He played his part, right from the start,
to bring the title back.
“Ollie” Phelan and Mick Dalton, now
and “Jas” Reilly let’s acclaim,
With “Frankie” Byrne and John Joe Ging,
starred in a former game.
Fitzpatrick, Scully, Peadar Molloy and Ollie Byrne-
each “sub”.
Is greater far than many a “star”
for standing by his club.
It’s only fair that we should spare,
now that we have won,
A thought for our selectors,
whose task is not much fun.
They saw a hitch and made a switch,
that really turned the tide,
So let me hear one rousing cheer,
for the men out on the side.

Draw – Played 6th November 1966

Portlaoise 0-7

Paddy Bracken, Mick Murphy, Alfie Lewis, Syd Lewis, Tom Walsh, Teddy Fennelly, Syd Harkin, Jim Hughes, Mick McDonald, John Fennell, Pascal Delaney, Brian Delaney, Tom O’Reilly, Oliver Phelan, Paddy Doyle


Sub: Mick Dalton


O’Dempsey’s 1-4

Paddy Molloy, Peter Doyle, Bernard Tynan, Noel Carroll, Michael Murphy, Syl Mullins, Eddie Fitzpatrick, George Larke, Shem Connolly, Mick Territt, Michael Tynan, Liam Slevin, Eddie Slevin, Michael Kilgallon, Christy O’Connor


Subs: Christy O’Connor, Martin Costello


Replay – Played 20th November 1966

Portlaoise 2-8


Paddy Bracken, Mick Murphy, Alfie Lewis, Syd Lewis, Tom Walsh, Teddy Fennelly, Syd Harkin, Jim Hughes, Mick McDonald, Paddy Doyle, Pascal Delaney, Brian Delaney, John Fennell, Noel McCabe, Tommy O’Reilly,


O’Dempsey’s 0-8

Paddy Molloy, Michael Doyle, Bernard Tynan, Noel Carroll, Tom Fenlon, Syd Mullins, George Larke, Eddie Fitzpatrick, Shem Connolly, Christy O’Connor, Michael Tynan, Mick Territt, Liam Slevin, Martin Costello, Michael Kilgallen.

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