Club Bingo

Portlaoise club bingo poster


Lockdown bingo online is a weekly bingo game that takes place live every Friday night at 8pm on Facebook live and Zoom. There are 6 games played with a minimum of 3 prizes per game. We have a guaranteed prize fund that is advertised a week in advance on Portlaoise GAA social media pages. Why not like & follow to keep up to date…?

The bingo works in the same way as traditional bingo except you are playing online and not in a bingo hall. 

The players join the bingo either on Zoom or Facebook, 10 minutes in advance of 8pm.
The Zoom link and instructions to join the Zoom call are included with the email containing your bingo books.    

The presenter calls the numbers and the players mark their cards from home.
Our software detects when we have a check and the presenter will stop the game to confirm the winner. There are 3 prizes in each game: one line, two line and full house.
Once the full house prize is claimed, the game is over, and the presenter will announce the start of the new game. The bingo continues until all 6 games are complete and it generally lasts about an hour.

Bingo books can be purchased via our website Books must be purchased by 1pm each Friday to play that evening. 

If you have successfully completed the transaction you will receive a confirmation email

Bingo books purchased up to 5pm Thursday will be issued Friday morning. Books purchased Thursday evening/ Friday morning, will be issued by 3pm approx. Friday afternoon.   

You can print off  books to play or edit on smartphone or laptop.

The deadline to purchase bingo books is Friday 1pm. Bingo Books are not available after this time.

To claim your bingo winnings please email your name, game no, panel no, prize and IBAN to  Further info is in the email containing your bingo books. Your winnings will be transferred to your account. Please note we don’t deal in cash due to COVID 19 restrictions. Providing an IBAN is a very safe way of transferring money and we don’t store personal data.

There are a number of things that you can troubleshoot before raising a query with us. It takes a lot of time for our volunteers to deal with queries and over 95% can be solved by following these simple checks

  1. Check the date and time you purchased bingo books. Bingo Books are emailed in two bulk batches. The first batch is emailed on Friday morning/midday for books purchased prior to Thursday at 5pm. Books purchased after 5pm on Thursday up to Friday 1pm are emailed on Friday afternoon (3pm approx.)
  2. Confirm your email address. Ensure you use the correct email address when purchasing books as the books will be sent to that email account. One quick way to ensure that you used the correct email is to check that you received a confirmation email after your purchase.

Check your spam folder. Email filtering and settings are very different dependent on which email provider you use e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail. Often the email containing the bingo books can be placed into the Spam/Junk/Trash folder. Check all folders in your email account to see has the email containing your books landed there. This issue is common with Hotmail users. Please note that if you access your email account on a mobile device vs a desktop or laptop that the view of the inbox will vary

Conversation view

4. Many email providers inbox is set to conversation view. Conversation view bunches emails with similar subjects and senders together which may hide your bingo books. This is very relevant to Gmail users. To unset conversation view in your inbox, go to settings and general settings and turn ‘conversation view’ off. Example below is Gmail


1. Books sold up until Wednesday midnight – tickets distributed on Thursday afternoon.

2. Books sold on Thursday and Friday – tickets distributed by 4pm Friday